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Engaging Loved Ones with Dementia to Be Active

Dementia is a devastating diagnosis both to the patient and the family. Unfortunately, scientists are still yet to discover its cure, particularly when it’s caused by grave diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Still, no cure doesn’t necessarily mean no hope. Here’s the silver lining: there are ways to temporarily improve its symptoms, and rare scenarios … Continue reading

How Often Should Your Senior Bathe?

Helping your senior loved one take a bath is equally challenging for both parties, the senior and the caregiver. There may be plenty of issues with comfort, not to mention your senior’s dignity. Both need to be maintained. Another thing that care providers need to consider is how often they should bathe their elderly loved … Continue reading

The Most Difficult Changes Brought on by Alzheimer’s

Memory loss and confusion are just some of the most challenging behavioral symptoms brought on by Alzheimer’s. As the disease becomes more severe, other unpredictable and erratic behaviors also surface. People with Alzheimer’s can experience character and personality changes that are subtle, and some that are more pronounced and alarming. You may hear the once … Continue reading

How Serious is Excessive Sleep in Seniors?

We know that sleep is a very essential element in aging. It contributes to an improved quality life in the elderly years. As providers of senior services in San Joaquin County, California, we do advocate for seniors to get quality sleep every night. But what about excessive sleep? Is this possible for seniors? Unfortunately, yes. … Continue reading

5 Ways Home Care Services Can Help You Stay Independent

Independence is one of the things that seniors value the most. Wouldn’t you say so, yourself? But when you’re older and have ails of your own, it can’t be helped for you to need a bit of assistance during your day. If you don’t necessarily want to move to a care home or with the … Continue reading

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