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Signs You’re Burning Out and Need Respite Care

Signs You’re Burning Out and Need Respite Care

Taking care of a loved one is rewarding as it is overwhelming. Caregiver burnout happens when the demands of caregiving start to take a significant toll on the person’s overall wellness. If the pressure is left unchecked, this may further escalate to broken relationships, depression, and eventually burnout.

Is it time you seek the assistance of non-medical home care in Fremont, California? To help you decide, here’s a checklist of the common signs of caregiving burnout.

  • Difficulty sleeping.
    If going to bed has become a constant battle every night for no apparent reason, it may be a subtle sign that you’re stressed out.
  • Behavioral changes.
    Are you easily burdened, irritated, and angered of even the smallest inconveniences? Every situation is seemingly a big deal, and you tend to overthink and obsessed throughout the day.
  • Bad habits.
    Drugs, smoking, drinking alcohol, and eating out of proportion are some common habits that may unexpectedly develop due to stress. This often spirals to the negligence of responsibilities and (hopefully not, but possibly) abuse and addiction.
  • No leisure-time.
    When was the last time you had fun? Showing abrupt indifference and boredom in the things that used to excite you only means you have a real situation.
  • New or worsening health problems.
    Indeed, stress and anxiety will reflect on your physical health. Any recent medical issues? How bad is it? What do you think is the trigger? Pay close attention.

If you’re suffering from these burnout symptoms, allow us, at Kingdom Hope Senior Services a provider of home care services in Alameda County, California to provide you respite care.

Take your much-needed break, and regain your happiness, hope, and purpose! Avail our senior services in San Joaquin County, California now!

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