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Senior Care: Tips to Improve Elderly Mobility

Senior Care: Tips to Improve Elderly Mobility

As a provider of senior services in San Joaquin County, California, we understand that mobility issues are common among the elderly. With proper care and assistance, seniors can overcome mobility difficulties.

Here are some helpful recommendations that can improve your senior loved one’s mobility:

  • Regular Exercise
    An active lifestyle can always bring health benefits for any person including older adults. One of its advantages is the improvement of mobility. As a person gets older, it can be very tempting to just sit around all day. Yet, being sedentary can only make the person feel weaker and unmotivated. So encourage your loved one to exercise. Also, if they have regular companions, they can encourage your loved one to move even around the neighborhood.
  • Get Assistance
    Our aging loved ones can also find motivation in walking around if they know they have someone who can assist them. This is where our non-medical home care in Fremont, California can help you. Our care providers can assist your loved one in both indoor and outdoor activities. This way, they can feel more confident in doing the things they want to do because there is help ready for them.
  • Monitor the Weight
    How is your loved one’s diet? Eating a well-balanced meal is one of the things that can improve their weight. At their age, weight monitoring is very important. Having the ideal weight prevents joint problems, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses. These conditions can affect a person’s daily activities. If your loved one needs help in preparing healthy meals, there are care providers who can aid them.
  • Undergo Strength Training
    In some cases, seniors also face mobility problems due to an illness. If this is the case of your loved one, they should undergo professionally supervised strength training. Partner with a licensed physical therapist who can assist them in building their strength. If they have regained their strength, they can also feel more confident in moving around.
  • Do Balance Exercises
    Balancing issues can also happen to seniors. It is not surprising if your aging loved one faces this challenge. If they have difficulty maintaining their balance, they may not be able to walk around freely. In these cases, it is also helpful to enroll your loved one in therapist-supervised classes. Aside from strength training, physical therapists can also help a senior to enhance their balance.

Do your elderly loved ones face the same mobility difficulties? If they do, we hope that the above tips will help. Also, take them to their doctor so you can get advice on other steps to overcome these difficulties. When it’s time for your loved one to get help, we are here to provide them with home care services in Alameda County, California. Set an appointment with us at Kingdom Hope Senior Services to know more about our services.

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