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Non-Medical Home Care in Fremont, California: How Senior Care Can Enrich Your Loved Ones’ Lives

Non-Medical Home Care in Fremont, California How Senior Care Can Enrich Your Loved Ones’ Lives

During the senior years of your loved ones’ lives, various health conditions may arise, and they may no longer have the same level of dexterity and strength they used to have due to old age. Your elderly loved ones may now require special care, or help and assistance with the various activities of daily life, in order to ensure their safety and maintain good health.

Because of this, many would often decide to place their elderly loved ones in a shared residential facility or a nursing home. Many seniors, however, prefer to stay within the comforts of their own home, even as they are much older and would require special care and assistance. With that, it is a much better idea to opt for in-home care services instead.

In-home senior care is a wonder of health care—providing a middle ground between families who worry about their elderly loved ones’ health and welfare, and seniors who want to retain their independence and continue living their lives in their own homes.

Good in-home care agencies like Kingdom Hope Senior Services offer senior services in San Joaquin County, California that can improve the quality of your elderly loved ones’ lives through—but not limited to—the following:

  • Personal Care
    Personal care includes proper help and assistance with daily personal tasks such as bathing, grooming and hygiene, dressing, toileting, and mobility assistance. Depending on the specific needs of your senior loved ones, a caregiver can provide the help and support needed to accomplish the activities of daily life.
  • Homemaking Assistance
    A healthy day-to-day living would require having to keep one’s home in a safe, clean, and livable state. This is where homemaking care comes in—allowing your elderly loved ones to maintain a level of independence in their own homes while providing assistance in light household chores or running errands.
  • Dementia Care
    Elderly individuals with dementia require a special, well-assessed care plan that will not only provide care and assistance in personal tasks but would also improve the quality of their lives at home. Dementia care, then, offers a well-rounded care plan which involves stimulating and engaging activities for your senior loved ones on a daily basis.
  • Companionship Care
    A healthy life for the elderly does not only entail a proper diet, maintaining the right medication, and getting enough rest. Social interaction, engaging activities and conversations, and the support to go after their interests and pursuits are what makes a happy life for seniors. That is why in-home senior care services include companionship care, to improve the overall state of life.

Kingdom Hope Senior Services offers home care services in Alameda County, California that aim to give your elderly loved ones the good quality of day-to-day life they deserve, right at the comforts of their own home. We make sure to get to know our patient and client first in order to create the personalized care plan to suit their needs.

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