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How Serious is Excessive Sleep in Seniors?

How Serious is Excessive Sleep in Seniors?

We know that sleep is a very essential element in aging. It contributes to an improved quality life in the elderly years. As providers of senior services in San Joaquin County, California, we do advocate for seniors to get quality sleep every night.

But what about excessive sleep? Is this possible for seniors? Unfortunately, yes. Seniors can sleep too much and this can be an indication of other serious underlying conditions. Consider the following reasons why seniors can sleep excessively:

  • Side Effects of Medicines
    Because seniors need to take medicines to maintain their pink of health, they may be at risk to side effects such as too much sleeping. Some medications cause this reaction to seniors especially if they are taking more than one medicine in a day. If ever your loved one is prescribed with a new medication, make sure that you ask your doctor or pharmacist about possible side effects. When you know what to expect with their reactions, you can find other ways how to avoid these undesirable effects.
  • Bored
    Seniors can also get bored especially when they spend most of their alone at home. When they don’t have anything interesting to do, they might as well want to sleep. However, this sedentary lifestyle can beckon other health complications, which is not good for their age. With help from providers of home care services in Alameda County, California, your loved one can have good companionship so they can avoid boredom. At the same time, they can get to do engaging activities that will be healthy for their brain and body.
  • Depression
    Depression is not good for any person no matter the age. This can lead to other emotional and mental stresses, which keeps your loved one from enjoying a quality life. When your loved one is showing signs of depression, try bringing them to the doctor for a checkup to verify if they are really struggling with the condition. Furthermore, avoid letting them be on their own as isolation can also trigger depression.
  • Dementia
    In the late stages of dementia, the person will experience different forms of sleeping problems and excessive sleep is one of them. When your loved one is diagnosed with dementia, excessive sleeping is one of the symptoms you need to watch out for to know that they are in the last stages of the disease. Find a way to address this sleeping problem as this can lead to other health difficulties.

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