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How Often Should Your Senior Bathe?

How Often Should Your Senior Bathe?

Helping your senior loved one take a bath is equally challenging for both parties, the senior and the caregiver. There may be plenty of issues with comfort, not to mention your senior’s dignity. Both need to be maintained.

Another thing that care providers need to consider is how often they should bathe their elderly loved ones to keep away unwanted infections and illnesses like skin rashes or urinary tract infections.

With the help of non-medical home care in Fremont, California, you can keep your loved ones safe from these undesirable diseases. Kingdom Hope Senior Services equipped employees with the proper skills to help seniors manage their everyday lives.

Here are a few essential bathing tips you can use on your loved ones:

  • Older adults don’t have to bathe every day.
    The minimum should be once or twice a week. This allows most seniors to avoid skin breakdown and infections.
  • It’s not necessary to have running water.
    Providers of home care services in Alameda County, California say that showering or running a bath in the tub are two of the easiest and most thorough ways for your loved ones to get cleaned. However, if your senior refuses or has mobility limitations, a sponge bath will do just fine.
  • Thorough personal cleansing can counter urinary tract infections.
    Get your senior in the habit of using moist wipes, especially after bowel movements. Make sure that women wipe from front to back to prevent dirt from getting into the urethra.

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