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5 Tips: How to Enjoy the Company of a Beloved Senior

5 Tips: How to Enjoy the Company of a Beloved Senior

No doubt that companionship with another person presents a lot of benefits to each of us. While some people need to be alone at times, isolation in the long term is not preferable especially when the mental health is at stake.

For this reason, companionship is a key service we extend as a provider of senior services in San Joaquin County, California especially to our elderly loved ones who are at risk of being isolated when they age at home.

If you’ve been asked to keep your aging loved one some company, here are some tips we can share to make your time meaningful and enjoyable.

  1. Offer Assistance, Not Assume
    While our aging family members face certain difficulties natural for their age, it will be disrespectful to assume that they need our help at all times and so we will just immediately grab their hands when they walk around. Keep in mind that seniors value their sense of independence because it promotes their dignity as a person. However, when you really think that their safety is at stake, offer your help. Give them the dignity of choice and you will have successfully bridged a gap.
  2. Talk of Areas of Interest
    Being with our elderly loved one may sound challenging at the outset because of the so-called generation gap. But this is not always the case. You will be surprised to discover that your senior loved one has a lot of interesting topics on the plate and if you let them share about these, you will have an enriching and enjoyable company. This is a great experience we gain as we provide non-medical home care in Fremont, California.
  3. Seek Life Advice
    Aside from areas of interest, our aging family members have years and years of wisdom to share to those who are willing to listen. You will definitely enjoy being with them when you seek their counsel about certain matters in life. These insightful moments can also be a great bonding opportunity with them.
  4. Cook their Favorite Meal
    Food still is one of the ideal relationship connectors. To enjoy your loved one’s company, you can do a cooking project together, especially one that they favor. This way, you will also have ensured their safety in the kitchen and their health with the food you served.
  5. Be Affirming and Respectful
    Whenever you’re with your elderly beloved, make sure that you address and treat them with respect. Not only do they deserve this, but you’re also planting seeds of respect that will be harvested in your own elderly years. Add to this, remember to be appreciative about their experiences and insights.

On the occasions that they need companionship and you’ll not be around then, our team can step in for you. This is one of the quality services we provide along with home care services in Alameda County, California.

Are you looking for a similar service for your loved one? Contact us at Kingdom Hope Senior Services.

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